Grant Taylor


Visual storytelling has always been a prominent part of my life, ever since I was young. Books, movies, games, all of them are the fruit of creative collaboration and what I loved to surround myself with. It was in high school that I finally decided that I wanted to be the one cultivating these creative ideas and content that is now so significant in our media culture.

Not content to wait around, I jumped early in pursuing my quest in art by enrolling in courses and starting an art club to bring together other talented students. I continued on to attend UC Irvine's School of Fine arts, honing creative thinking skills alongside my technical abilities. Training was long and arduous, but after three years I emerged a warrior of creative culture.

My passion now lies in creating compelling visual scenarios, leading an audience through a landscape riddled with adventure, reflection and emotion. I have developed knowledge in a wide variety of media, ranging from telling stories with photos to sketching experiences through storyboards on digital or physical paper. I aspire to be working with a company on film or game projects, as my creative passion only intensifies when introduced with others that I can collaborate with.

My jack of all trade skills won't let you down. Photo retouching? No problem. Poster design and printing? Got it. Troubleshooting projects and finding ways to make them even better? I'm your guy.